Suge Knight Jr. Opens Up About Fathers Mistreatment in Jail (Video)

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  • seal-jav

    he sounds genuine free suge people

  • Eddie Glover

    I’ve never met Suge but i must admit i like his style and i hope he get out of it, but lets face facts it is personal with the state.This man humiliated them for years and a lot of stuff he may or may not have done, they couldn’t get him.They feel he has too much power and he is a liability to them and they want todo whatever it takes to shut him down.

  • Jimmi

    I got respect for Suge’s son. He’s come out like a boss for his old man.

  • Jon Watson

    Hi, thanks for allowing us to support Suge. FREE SUGE!!!! THE MEDIA PORTRAY HIM IN THE WRONG LIGHT!! Jon.


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