A political prisoner whose constitutional rights are being violated.
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Suge Knight’s accolades within his musical pursuits made history within the Hip-Hop community. Death Row Records created legendary artist and records. Suge Knight has been a continued mentor within the community and has continued generosity quietly without fanfare. Since day one, Mr. Knight has used his musical achievements to give back to the community, supporting local charities by raising awareness and participating in fundraising activities and events. One of the most tragic events in the history of modern music, was the 1996 shooting of musician Tupac Shakur and Mr. Knight, which occurred while they were driving to a charitable event that raised money to keep children away from violence. Tupac died from his wounds six days later.

On January 29th 2015 a horrible and unfortunate accident occurred leaving Suge left to defend his actions. Suge’s legal defense has been very costly, leaving a huge financial burden on his family alone. We have reached an outpouring of individual concern with empathetic feelings towards this situation, thus, we have created this avenue for those who want to contribute and support. ALL support is greatly appreciated and will be returned with personal authentic gratitude.

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Los Angeles Commission

Dear Sirs,

Mr. Knight is a political prisoner and his constitutional rights are being violated. Everyone’s arguments against Mr. Knight, are based off of personal opinions, and the fictional information found in the media.

Mr. Knight has been subject to attack and slander from the media since he became known in the early 90s, but has tried to keep his personal life private, despite the paparazzi intrusion. Although, his children, and family members have also been subject to slander and harassment from the media, and public who have built an opinion based off the way he is portrayed in the media. (Example 1, Example 2, Example 3).

This website has been set-up to allow people who have witnessed all of the good Mr. Knight has done for the community, to show their support.


SupportSuge.com Team.


A Strange Twist In The Suge Knight Case: Jailhouse Snitch Turns On Detectives News

Daniel Timms alleges he was sent to the cell next to Knight to help manufacture evidence against him.

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 21: Marion "Suge" Knight appears in Los Angeles court for a pretrial hearing at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center on January 21, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Marion “Suge” Knight appears in Los Angeles court for a pretrial hearing on January 21, 2016. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES ― A prolific jailhouse informant who has worked inside county jails here said that he was ordered by a Los Angeles County sheriff to create false testimony surrounding rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight.

The informant told Knight’s lawyers that evidence exists, but has been intentionally withheld by law enforcement, that Knight was acting in self-defense when he killed one man and injured another with his truck in Compton, California, last year.

The bombshell allegations from Daniel Timms, who said he had worked on Knight’s case, could be a boon for Knight, who sits in jail awaiting trial on murder and attempted murder charges.


Marion ‘Suge’ Knight’s attorneys preview defense for murder trial News

Suge Knight’s fiancee Toi-Lin Kelly and his defense attorneys try to show a softer side of the former rap mogul ahead of his upcoming murder trial. (June 28)

Source: Yahoo News

Welcome to SupportSuge.com! News

Welcome to SupportSuge.com, a website created for the public to speak out in support of Suge Knight!

For information about SupportSuge.com please email us at contact@supportsuge.com.

Thanks for your comments, signitures and best wishes.

Suge Knight’s Defense Fund News

On January 29th 2015 a horrible and unfortunate accident occurred leaving Suge left to defend his actions. Suge’s legal defense has been very costly, leaving a huge financial burden on his family alone. We have reached an outpouring of individual concern with empathetic feelings towards this situation, thus, we have created this avenue for those who want to contribute and support. ALL support is greatly appreciated and will be returned with personal authentic gratitude. This fund is 100% authentic:



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  • John Right

    Suge’s helped feed artists that would be otherwise homeless or in jail, he’s helped thousands and is being treated terrible!

  • Don Wonder

    He’s done more good, don’t judge this man off media speculation and accidents.

  • kb077

    dude did a lot of good

  • kb077

    didn’t he used to put on events to help single mothers and victims of war?

  • Marcus D.

    SUGE ALWAYS DID GOOD FOR THE KIDS!!! & THE PEOPLE!!! In 1996 the fatal shooting of rapper Tupac Shakur and Death Row Records owner Marion “Suge” Knight occurred while they were driving to a charitable event that raised money to keep children away from violence!!!!!!! PEOPLE HATING ON THIS MAN, PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

  • S.King

    The CCTV footage clearly shows Suge was ambushed and attacked by Cle ‘Bone’ Sloane. Why didn’t Mr. Terry Carter (RIP) break up the attack? A human’s natural reaction would be to break up a fight, right? So why didn’t anyone stop Suge from being attacked? This was a set-up and Suge had to flee for his life.

  • Leo

    I agree, Suge was attacked at Tamms. Sad day for everyone.

  • Michael Carlin

    You can share

    I spent three years investigating the murders of Tupac and Biggie with Former LAPD Detective Russell Poole, and RJ Bond and I never saw one piece of evidence directly linking him to the crimes, yet he continues to be blamed for these murders. I have never met Suge but his life matters.

  • Marcus Simopoulos

    FREE Suge been to L.A once as a Canadian its a myth suge knight is some scary menace to run into he’s freindly to tourist and dosent mind taking pictures hes sick from obviously someone trying to assimate him lower his bail its absurd to think hes a flight risk or dosent deserve a fair trial and defence preperation.




    I believe Suge was becoming to powerful in the industry and had to be put down by the powers that control the industry.

  • Kurt Poole

    The media has portrayed Suge as a thug for so long, the general public in general has a “lock him up” attitude without knowing the facts. There is a pattern of attempts on his life followed by zero prosecutions of the suspects, then Suge himself gets locked up. The Tam’s incident was not murder, it was self-defense. The LA County Sheriff dept and the DA office are setting themselves up for a huge embarrassment if this prosecution continues.

  • Barny

    He didnt intentionally go out to kill anyone that day, he was attacked and had to flee for his damn life!

  • Neiman bell

    A lot of people say negative things about this man and they don’t even know him even if he did do bad things where no better then him nobody in this world is perfect because we all make mistakes I’m praying for Suge and his family God bless !

  • Dillon Chaney

    If Suge is in jail for defending himself, then we should all be in jail. #FreeSuge #CrenshawDistrict✊

  • Yada Wilson

    I had the pleasure of knowing Mr Knight during my employment at Las Palmas nightclub from 2001-03. Where most would avoid interaction and deny him entry, I took a chance and allowed them in. Not one time did we ever have an issue! He was one of the most respectful people I met during my time in Los Angeles.
    I kept in contact with him and a few of his representatives from the label throughout the years and from what I know of him, I feel confident saying that he has been a target.
    Personally I feel that what I s being done to him is wrong and his family is suffering more than he is. Please accept my support for him, his family and Suge Jr. FreeSuge!

  • Mike Kirk

    Suge keeps it real and many people don’t these days that’s why he’s an outcast and it ain’t right. Free the man already

  • Chris London

    Suge was ATTACKED by CLE BONE SLOANE while he was SAT BEHIND THE WHEEL. He KNEW that BONE had a GUN! He had ONE EXIT and that was FORWARD!!! He’s not going to start weaving around people to ESCAPE a potential GUNMAN SHOOTING HIM!!!!!!!!! Suge did with I would have done, and anyone would have. FLED FOR HIS LIFE!!! Now he’s being treated like a murderer? Let’s just say the fun and games of the Entertainment Gangsta Rap world has given people the wrong perception of a family man. Music is Entertainment people. FREE SUGE!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamal

    Free Suge! Charged with a crime for self defense?

  • Ash

    Suge is a reasonable man who has brought so much good to many young people in the inner cities. He has been treated very unfairly over the past two years. Suge needs to be treated fairly by having civil just rights and be given a fair trial. The media continuely tries to tarnish his name without any logical reasoning.

  • Tony Wright

    Good to see Suge’s son Suge Jacob Knight getting people to come here and support to his father! Mr Knight is one of the most influential music producers ever. Deathrow was my childhood, his music got me through hard times. Thanks Suge & 2pac. FREE SUGE!!

  • Conley Jonez

    Free him, he was attacked

  • Alize Mabry


  • Roni

    I met him twice, he was a gentleman. In my opinion he was ambushed and tried to escape. There’s so many other people out for this man, I’m not surprised that he got angry when the papperazi took unauthorised pictures of him and his family. I would do the same. Free Suge please.

  • Askari Nicholas

    We want Fair treatment and Equality for Mr. Knight. And All evidence to be presented, viewed, and heard without prejudice or biased supported by the U.S. Constitution.

  • Joshua Verissimo

    Free Suge !!!!

  • Jona

    The ONLY PEOPLE wanting Suge in jail, and people who BELIEVE THE LIES ONLINE!!!!!! Suge is subject to journalists, photographers who are ALWAYS taking pictures without his consent and writing LIES!!!

  • TreyDoggyDogg

    This is atrocious what they are doing to Suge. This man has done a lot of good for his community.
    When will people realise that without Suge there would be no Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Game, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole etc etc!
    Only in America would they cage someone for what the media has made people believe about them!
    Why no mention of all of Suge’s charity work? the mother’s day luncheons? the Turkey giveaways? the countless donations to poor people in his community? the houses he bought for people? the bills he paid so that strangers could get chemotherapy and treat cancer?
    Only in America would they cage someone for trying to save their life by getting the hell out of a place where someone with a gun is punching your face in. Bone should be on trial not Suge!! It was all a set up at Tam’s and so is this, the whole court case, all of this is just a sham.
    They wanted this man for years just because he was successful and didn’t play by Jimmy The Jew Iovine’s rules, they wanted him to be a house negro like Andre.

  • Bishop Kaine

    Be REAL. Suge is a business man and ran the best record company of the 90s. Why would he intentionally run over people? HE WOULDN’T. Suge ain’t like that! Not only that, they are not letting him see his family?! This sounds like the government is involved in this. I had family and friends who have been locked up but was able to take calls and visits. This sounds like they want Suge to tell them something.. YES, OUR GOVERNMENT IS THAT DIRTY AND THE PUBLIC NEEDS TO KNOW THIS. SUGE IS ONE OF THE FEW INNOCENTS THAT HAVE BEEN MISTREATED BY THIS CORRUPTED SYSTEM. JUSTICE STARTS NOW!!! ✊

  • Jim Wright

    Suge is completely innocent. As a black enteprenueur in a predominantly white business, Mr. Knight has continually been accosted by the media and law enforcement. Bail should be reduced to the amount customary in this situation and reasonable rights restored.

  • Washington banks

    This is important because i will like to see him treat like a human instead of a animal

  • LuS4

    Free Suge Knight..#SelfDefense

  • Brandi knight

    I want suge to be treated fair… he’s a good man!! #FreeSugeKnight

  • Carolyn Singleton

    We the Singletons Support you 100%
    May God grant favor and return you home family.

  • David Gee

    Marion Knight has been a up standing contribution to the inner city youth and will. Be more of a contribution on the streets then in prison..He has been wrongfully victimized by the media and his image has been falsely portrayed.

  • Nelson Houser

    Suge knight was one of the best music executive in his time he made sure a lot of artists got paid fair free Suge knight

  • Tupac Fanbase


  • Khary Barrett

    Listen suge is no different from the average man the difference is everything he does is in the media so they they create a larger than life monster well that’s not the case this guy really has a sense of humor he is a personal friend of mines and I can’t remember a time I heard him yell I’m not saying he doesn’t get mad and he’s a choir boy but he is a real human being with emotions and did what he had to do for his self preservation and survival and to give his family a good life the crackers that run America slaughter and enslaved millions and you still show them respect and hold them in high regards, raped our mothers and sisters and grandmothers yet still they are the ones setting the tone of what’s right and wrong isn’t that a fucking problem??i watch George zimmmerman kill an innocent black kid and get out Scott free and I watch suge drive up in a free country somewhere and someone clearly punched and attacked him and he reacted in self defense not with a weapon but basically trying to get out there and he’s on trial for murder ??does this makes any sense to you what kind of justice is this????

  • Khary Barrett

    Free Suge Knight and fucc all them fake friends you had cuz love for life big bro

  • James E

    Without this man being apart of the Rap community, rap would’ve never been this successful. Suge opened doors and broke down barriers. He should get a lot more love but people love to believe rumours. If I was in his position I would’ve defended myself any way I could’ve too. I hope the judge/jurors aren’t biased and give the man a fair trial.

  • Harris j

    It is obvious they will not leave this man alone. He knows too much. They are trying to keep him quiet by killing him. There’s a reason why they have denied him rights that even the worst of criminals are given. The same reason they will not release Dr mutulu and king tut

  • Henry H

    Please give this human being , a person under the constitution and a United states citizen the medical attention required and needed so that he does not suffer from his health ailments. Please give him a fair chance at pleading his case as any other man in the U.s. has without prejudice or malice. God bless……

  • Nick G

    Free Suge Knight he has gave a lot back to the community and people and was also giving lots back at thanks giving events with Tupac who he sincerely misses.
    He is a legend of a man and created the Deathrow legacy which will live on to eternity.
    He was clearly acting in self defence and should be released from Jail with no charges.

  • Daron Smith Aka smiddy reall

    Suge in my opinion has been a target for many years because of a past a lot know nothing about but most continue to be prejudice every man deserves the right to live freely I am a big fan of suge and death row and those who were truly affiliated with that organization no doubt but besides that fact we need to know what’s really going on humanly speaking so I say free suge

  • David Vidales

    Free suge every body knows puffy has a hit on him and had pac hit .whoo whoo puff needs a pair of cement shoes.

  • Jimmi

    He’s in prison for driving away from being attacked??????? Isnt that self defence???



  • Anette

    I’ve been watching this case closely, and I think he’s not being treated fairly at all. Cle Bone Sloane is a free man, after setting on Suge to kill him or kick the shit out of him. Yet Suge, who acted in self defence by driving wherever he could in in jail? Not fair to me. Anette Frazer

  • Desmond Dyke

    Free Shug Knight!!!!!

  • Desmond Dyke

    Free Shug Knight…..

  • Zhinese Monroe

    free this man he served his time

  • Kiran Mann

    Suge has done so much for the community and it’s saddening that people believe that he’s this thug when he’s really a respectful guy who keeps it honest. Let him free, he’s innocent. #freesuge

  • BarnyP

    suge got attacked by some known gang members and fled the scene accidently knocking his friend over and killing him accidently. whys this man in prison? freesuge.com or supportsuge.com come on!!!!!

  • Worrel

    I personally think Mr. Knight has serviced far too long for this, he was attacked and there is video footage from TAMMS that proves it. So why is he still incarcerated???

  • Jamie Spears

    Its rediculous how long they have kept him in prison. wow. the justice system is not fair, that man was set upon and it was cought on cctv. wow not nice, free suge and I wish the nerdy music fans would stop slandering him

  • Jack

    This is all so wrong.
    They have video footage of Suge being ambushed.
    What is going on?
    Free Suge Knight!

  • Mr. T. Sussex

    This whole situation is making me respect Mr. Knight even more than ever. Don’t give up Suge, the truth will prevail!

  • Shaun fredericksen

    So, Cle Bone Sloane AND Terry Carter set on Suge at TAMMS, Cle starts a fight with Suge… Terry DOESNT EVEN TRY AND STOP IT… then Suge flees for his life…. yet ends up in Jail? This would never happen in the UK, I don’t know what the US system is even thinking. Suge was blatently attacked.

  • JimmiX

    i feel its totally unfair how hes being treated it really stinks

  • Daniele Ducci

    Mr. Marion Knight is being whitheld in prison because of a wrongful arrest and he’s being aimed by the powers that’d be because departments of law are trying so hard to attribute a bad behavior to incriminate him with.
    Mr. Marion Knight acted in self defense that day and acted in fear and safety of his life. The murder accident was collateral damage. Why does the man have to face jail for having legitimately reacted to a physical threat?!
    Mr. Marion Knight is also not being put in the position to communicate with his legals, and that’s so wrong. He has a right to have a fair trial like everyone, that is called equality!

    I’m looking forward for the departments of Law to seriously take in consideration the man’s personal and human rights, and to let the accounts on him fall because he’s innocent of the crime he’s being incriminated and held to jail for.

    Sincerily yours, Daniel.

  • William Tribell

    Free Suge. At best if he is charged it should be 2nd degree involuntary manslaughter or something .. but that’s even a stretch

  • Marcus Kirk

    Free the Aries free suge

  • F. Brookes

    I just don’t understand how he can still be locked up and treated so badly. He was attacked by two guys and drove away for his life accidently running over one of his friends.

  • Maurice Lewis

    Free my manager SUGE KNIGHT God bless him an his family and friends from MAURICE LEWIS JR, BUNKYS,FAME SINATRA

  • Maurice Lewis

    Free my friend ,NOW

  • Tracy

    Well, what does God like?? the authories keeping Suge Knight behind bars for self defence, will have to stand up to GOD one day.

  • ShawnSop

    wait, hes still locked up?? they are treating him like a murderer when he didnt even set out to kill anyone. the man who died in the car incident was his friend too, this is a fact

  • DanielLoobe

    Free Suge Knight, he’s an innocent man!

  • Panroy

    Why isn’t Cle Bone Sloane also behind bars, when he ambushed Suge’s truck and tried getting the keys to attack Suge, this is an ILLIGAL ACT, wo why is it only Suge is behind bars? We need ANSWERS.

  • El

    Free SUGE it’s just not humane to put him through this.

  • El

    Shocked he’s still incarcerated.


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